Benefits of Youth Sports Programs

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My sons gained their experience with “organized” basketball through Peterson Air Force Base’s exceptional Youth Sports Program.  Upon submitting our applications and providing the required documentation, they were actually drafted by the Timberwolves, a co-ed team, at the ripe age of 5.  Their uniform colors were blue and yellow, with blue representing confidence and yellow representing courage.  The Timberwolves were destined to become the first-ever Youth Basketball Association (YBA) Champs.

At the start of the season, these built-to-last competitors were not familiar with basketball fundamentals and were reluctant to share the ball.  When in possession of the ball, some players carried it down the court, forgetting to dribble and pass to their teammates as they hurried towards the goal.  Most pouted when intended shots swerved slightly to the right or missed the goal.  Others cried, some livelier than others when outscored by their opponents.

Weeks later, I noticed they started to demonstrate a growing appreciation for teamwork, cheer for their teammates, display a boost in self-confidence with every shot made, and graciously congratulate members of the opposing team. The sport was helping them to mature as athletes (even at 5) and appreciate all it offered them.

Our basketball courts serve as a platform for building self-confidence, teamwork, and lifelong friendships. Designed 2 Dribble products are perfect for adding momentum to youth sports programs, games, and team camaraderie. With their bold colors, inventive color combinations and artistic patterns, they allow a team to stand out and express their personality and brand. Players develop pride in their style, gaining a sense of their identity and purpose and a motivation to not only succeed but to help others gain pride, confidence and purpose as well.

DRIBBLE with us now and become part of the MOVEMENT!

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