Ball Handling

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Do you recall the number of times the media touted a basketball player for single-handedly dominating a basketball game?  Have you ever asked yourself how or why this would happen?  One of the reasons is because remarkable basketball players have great ball-handling skills. If you are old enough to recall watching the Harlem Globetrotters, whose games were masterfully orchestrated and quite entertaining, you may remember one distinguished player with an astonishing ability to handle the ball.  It was their Point Guard, Number 22, who was known for his shaven head and magnetic personality – Fred Neal. We were totally fascinated by his unparalleled ability to maintain the dribble while sliding on his knees, spinning around in circles, and spring boarding to a standing position. Ball handling is considered by some to be the most important skill in the game, while others believe it is the foundation of a successful player and team.

You don’t want to be the player who is afraid to introduce a little color on the court! Whether it be ball-handling or some other skill or characteristic you are known for, you want to establish your personal brand and identity to make sure it stands out! DRIBBLE with us now and become part of the MOVEMENT!

Rest in peace Frederick “Curly” Neal, 1942 – 2020.

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